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Social Media Management Pricing Packages.

Listed below are our packages and their prices, however we can also work one-on-one within your budget to best assist you and your company's needs.

Please feel free to fill out a custom proposal form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible with an average cost (whether it be hourly, weekly, or monthly) and any information about what we think could help to give you the results that you're looking for.

Our Social Media Pricing Packages

All packages include monthly strategy calls, profile optimization, business objectives, content calendars and social media strategies/marketing road maps.


from $549 a month

  • Social media strategy

  • Custom client persona bulid

  • Gauging against competitors

  • 12 total posts per month

  • Custom content curation

  • Access to a personal social media manager



from $989 a month

  • Social media strategy

  • Custom client persona build
    Gauging against competitors

  • 30 total posts per month

  • Boosted post management

  • 2* advertisements with bi-weekly analytic updates

  • Customer engagement

  • Access to a personal social media manager

  • Google My Business creation/management

*Cost not included - varies on your business' needs.


from $1,259 a month

  • Contest planning and campaign

  • Website design through (optional - cost with website is charged $25/hour)*

  • Custom advertisements* on an platform with weekly analytic reports

  • Influencer collaborations

  • Support provided throughout the campaign

  • Boosted post management

  • Access to a personal social media manager

  • Google My Business creation/management

*Cost not included - varies on your business' needs.


from $25 an hour

  • We charge this by the hour because the cost is dependant on the customization of what our clients' wants and needs are.

  • Feel free to reach out via email or on our contact us form for some more information.

Talk to an Expert

If you haven't already, feel free to reach out and schedule a free Discovery Call with a social media expert!

Are you just looking for a little help to get things started but you want to do the rest on your own?

Social Media Start-Up + Roadmap

from $229 per month

For a one-time fee starting at $229*, we can give your business the support it needs by optimizing your profiles and providing you with a custom social media roadmap. We'll have two one-on-one meetings with you - one to assess your needs and accounts, and the other after we've optimized your platform(s). During our second meeting, we'll go over everything and go into detail of our roadmap that we've created just for you.

*This price is for one platform. Additional social profiles can be added for an extra cost.

Social Media Management

      from $549 per month

We'll start by identifying your business objectives, gauging against your business' competitors, and optimizing your existing social media accounts. Then, we'll come up with a social media strategy and a content calendar. From there, we'll do the heavy lifting - content curation as needed, publishing content three* days a week, weekly engagement with your followers, and reporting back to you on your success. 

*Three days per week is included in the price. Price can vary depending on more or less days a week wanted.

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Social Media Management and Marketing

      from $989 per month

Social media has become a core piece of business and without a vision and voice, it's easy to get lost in the clamor.

After discussing your business goals and optimizing your existing accounts, we'll work with you to come up with a social media strategy and a content calendar. We will also create a Google My Business account for you and manage it on your behalf.

Next, we'll create and manage up to 2* advertisements on any platform, and report back to you with analytics of their performance bi-weekly. Then, we'll take the reins with daily posts, stories (3x a week), daily engagement with your followers, and content curation. 

*The cost of the advertisements is not included in the price, and will cost extra as it depends on your budget and what sort of ads, audience, etc., that you're wanting to reach out to. 

Social Media Marketing

      from $1,259 per month

With our marketing service, our central focus is advertising for your business to bring in more customers. We'll discuss with you what your business goals and ideas are, as well as size up your competitors and come up with a marketing roadmap based on this information.

If you don't currently have one, we will create a Google My Business account for your business and manage it on your behalf.

What follows will be an offer for website design through*, if you would like. (Which will cost $25/hour as the price depends on the custom building of your site.)

Next, we will create custom advertisements on any platform with weekly analytic reports. The price of this will vary, depending on budget, platform(s), and number of advertisements. We will also create and support contests and campaigns.

Lastly, social media influencers -  We'll find influencers that meet your needs across different platforms, and we'll contact them on your behalf, as well as provide support throughout the campaign.

* Our website was created and is run currently on, so we know the ins and outs and can offer customization and assistance with this platform. Depending on your level of needs and budget, the price for website design will vary.

Capturing Photos
Web Design

Wix Website Creation/Assistance

      from $25 per hour

Are you looking to create a website for your business but just don't have the time or know-how to get it started?

Our website for Piper & Willow Co. was created and is still hosted via, so we know the ins and outs and can offer website building and assistance.


We charge this package by the hour because each website build varies as we custom create everything to fit your wants and needs. With an hourly charge, we send out invoices weekly instead of monthly to further our affordability.


Do you want some more information? Book a free fifteen minute discovery call with us!       

Custom Social Media Proposal
Get a Free Custom Social Media Management Proposal

With a custom package, the price is subject to your needs to best assist you and your business.

Strategy Calls (These are virtual calls, phone calls, physical meetings where we get together and I give you the rundown on how your business' social media is doing - analytics, engagement, growth, ideas, and more!)
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